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Our Mission

We passionately pursue to change the way people think about chai (as just a very sweet beverage with tea) by creating unique organic chai selections that are exclusive, diverse, and delightful! We make conscious effort towards this goal by hand crafting and blending every product using high quality organic tea and natural spices that are aromatic and healthy! We strive to provide an Aahaa (WOW!) experience to our customers by delivering fresh tasting, refreshing masala chai, crafted and brewed in small batches with home and loads of love in mind!


Aahaa Chai has literally the best chai in town. Their booth at the Farmers Market has a beautiful variety of both hot and cold chai’s for very cheap prices. They also offer the blends so you can make them at home. I never go to the farmers market without getting a cup — or two.



Do not pass go until you try any of the varieties at Aahaa Chai. The half gallon concentrate is the best deal around. Try out samples, and try their cold non-chai drinks—they’re refreshing and delicious too! Great people, and tasty options. You’ll leave with a smile on your face! Large tea selection



We have tried MANY diferent types of chai tea, including making our own… then we discovered Aahaa Chai at veg fest and were instantly hooked! We love the amount of turmeric in the Masala chai, keeping our bodies warm from the inside out all year round! It’s our favorite tea, and we make sure we never run out! Thanks so much for such amazing tea blends, we love them all!



I tred their bold Masala Chai at the Indy Veg Fest and I have traveled around the world to 6+ countries, nothing has tasted as high quality and authentic as their Masala Chai! Knowing what authentic home-made Chai Tea tastes like, I could not pass up buying two bags of their Bold Masala Chai Tea! Seriously, it is the best I have ever had, so I strongly strongly suggest it!


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Aahaa Chai

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