Terms and Conditions

Aahaa chai has a specific policy outlining certain aspects of our business, this policy will cover:


 Return Policy

    1. Aahaa chai restricts the right to allow you (The customer) to return certain products.
    2. Concentrates, Ready to drink and any other cold products must be returned within 24 hours of purchase, they must be returned unopened, products within this time will be refunded for 75% of the last sale price.
    3. Loose  leaf products may be returned unopened within 1 week of purchase, they will be refunded for 100% of last sale price

Resell Policy

    1. Aahaa chai restricts the right to resell our products to ONLY authorized retailers.
    2. To send a request for resale please contact contact@aahaachai.com

Website Policy

    1. Over Commenting on website pages is STRICTLY not allowed
    2. We restrict the right for you (the customer) to order on the website.

Shipping Policy

    1. Aahaa chai ships through USPS.
    2. Aahaa chai shipping requires 1-3 days of preparation and 2-5 days to ship.
    3. If damage occurs during shipping, we are responsible.
    4. You must pay the $5 shipping fee.
    5. If damage has occurred, it must be reported within 24 hours of shipping, and must have a photo of the broken product.
    6. Shipping cost is nonrefundable.

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