Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chai?

Chai means Tea in several asian countries. Since most of the tea consumed in those regions of world use spices to bolden the taste of tea brew, Chai is synonymous with spiced tea or Masala Chai.
What is masala chai? 
The term “Masala” refers to concoction of spices that gives a distinct taste and flavor. When a chai (tea) is created with a concoction of spices it is popularly referred to as Masala Chai. The flavor profile of masala chai changes based on the geographical location and no regions have the same masala chai. We, at Aahaa Chai, have created our version of classical masala chai and several variation of it. Check out our Chai varieties.
How to brew Aahaa Chai?
1. Add 1.5 tsp Chai blend to 1 cup of water and bring it to rolling boil in a pan.
2. Once the brew is strong enough, remove from the container from the stove and strain the brew
3. Add regular milk or milk substitute and sugar/honey to taste
4. enjoy your Chai Latte!
Check it out at: How to Make Aahaa Chai?
How many servings per 1 oz bag?
Each 1 oz bag can make close to 8-10 cups of chai.
What are the health benefits of masala chai?
Our chai blends represent a perfect blend of tea and spices that has been meticulously optimized for maximize the taste, aroma and suggested health benefits. All of our chai blends contain spices that have been recognized for their health benefits.
Ginger – Anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar level and maintains levels of cholesterol
Cloves – Anti-cancer properties, helps with digestion issues, anti-inflammatory, counters bad breath and cavities and increase lung power
Cinnamon- Known to help with heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, HIVInfection, Tooth decay, and allergies
Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory, pain relief, anti-oxidant, improves brain function, etc.
and many more ….
PS: Health benefits from spices doesn’t have an overnight effect, long term usage as a part of your daily routine is essential to reap all the health benefits.
How to make chai lattes using the chai concentrates?

For a warm latte, mix equal amount of chai concentrate and milk/milk substitute & microwave/stove. For warm latte with less milk, mix 1/2 cup concentrate, 1/4 cup water and 1/4 milk & warm it. For iced latte, add 3/4 concentrate with 1/4 milk/milk substitute over ice and Enjoy. 

Is there a no sugar or alternative sweetner based chai concentrates?

We do have Unsweet bold masala chai available through market wagon. ‘ Please let us know if you have additional questions. Thank you!’

What is the carbohydrate content in one serving of your concentrate?

The carbs comes primarily from the light brown sugar & it is 8g per serving.

How to order wholesale Chai Concentrates?
  1. Choose the chai concentrate variety ( and add to cart
  2. Make sure the cart has 4 gallons in total. Each shipping box holds 4 gallons.
  3. At the checkout screen, choose the ” 4 gallon free shipping” 
  4. Complete the details and pay for the order.