How-to-make-Aahaa-Chai1. To prepare one cup of chai add 8-10 oz of water in a bowl and start heating it.
2. Add 1-1.5tsp of Aahaa Chai to the bowl and boil it for 5 min. (for electric stoves – make sure the water boils for 2-3 minutes)
3. Now add 1 tbsp. of milk and let it boil for a minute more.
4. Now add sugar (1-1.5 tbsp.) or honey and stir it.
5. Filter the Chai and Enjoy Aahaa Chai!

Frequently Asked Questions
• Why do we need to boil the chai blend?
Aahaa Chai blend is made of all natural ingredients, so it is important to boil it a little longer than usual to extract all the flavors, nutrients and minerals embedded in the spices.
• What kind of milk is preferred?
Since we use only a tbsp. for our preparations we prefer to use whole milk. Whole milk has the right amount of creaminess to extract all the flavors in the spices and minimal amount of calories (9 calories per tbsp of whole milk)
• What kind of sugar to use?
We prefer using brown sugar for our preparations. Brown sugar has a unique flavor to it and a little bit more minerals that add flavor to the chai.
• Why does my chai taste very mild?
Since our Chai blends are hand crafted and blended in small batches the ingredients sometimes have the tendency to settle down with small particles at the bottom. So we recommend mixing the blend every time you scoop. Also, depending the stove you use the heating can vary quite a bit, so we recommend boiling for longer duration to increase the spiciness of the Chai.