TurmericOne of my previous posts talks about turmeric and its health benefits. The primary component of turmeric, Curcurmin, has been associated with several health benefits study after study. However, we shouldn’t fail ask if the turmeric we ingest is taken up by our body (bioavailability)? Turmeric by it self is poorly soluble in water and not absorbed by our body. Scientists have devised several ways to make the turmeric be absorbed by our body – using approved chemical methods. Nevertheless, there are natural ways to absorb curcurmin into our body.

One of the study found that there is a 2000% increase in the uptake when you take piperine (key component in pepper) along with turmeric.
One other reason why curcurmin is not soluble in water is because it’s made of lipophilic (fat-loving) chemical groups that renders it to be fat soluble. This property of curcurmin makes it easily solubilized by milk that contains fats. The fat molecules in milk can help carry the curcurmin through the intestine in to the blood.

Another way to extract the curcurmin is to saute the turmeric in warm oil and make it bioavailable.

Our Maharani’s Bold Masala Chai contains turmeric and pepper, which is winning combination for bioavailablity. Adding milk and heating (actually boiling in our case) makes it even more accessible.

The next time when take a sip of our BOLD MASALA CHAI be confident that all of that tumeric actually been absorbed!!! or follow the above instructions to get the full potential!
Enjoy Chai!
PS: Health benefits from spices doesn’t have an overnight effect, long term usage as a part of your daily routine is essential to reap all the health benefits.

More info at: http://www.healthylivingbase.com/must-read-ever-using-turmeric