Blissful Rose Chai

Blissful Rose Chai

Rose is a symbol of love and beauty since ancient times. The fragrance and beauty combined in this wonder flower has inspired people both spiritually and romantically. Fragrance was an important feature of flowers that made it invaluable during the pre-industrialization era when deodorants and  soaps were almost non existent and  open sewers were every where! Currently, Rose is single most flower preferred to be gifted during the Valentine’s day – Wonder why? Of course one reason is beauty and historical connotation, the other is marketing- It’s the most resilient flower that can withstand the long journey from other tropical and temperate climates where it is grown, to reach United States during the winter time – So its designed to be The Flower!!

Facts apart- We crafted a Chai Blend that encompasses the fragrance of rose petals and calendula (marigold) combined with flavors from Cacao nibs and mild spices. Enjoy this smooth Chai with your valentine by the fireplace!

As always we use organic ingredients for our blends and we prepare them in small batches!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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