Cardamom is a healthy spice that comes from the Elettaria plant. It was first cultivated in South India. The Greeks saw opportunity in Cardamom too. The Greeks thought powerfully of Cardamom, the Greek doctors Hippocrates and Dioscorides wrote about the great health benefits of Cardamom, distributing it as a digestive aid. Cardamom is normally sold in pods or leaves, the pods contain little black seeds that carry an aromatic smell. The health benefits of cardamom are tremendous:

  1. It has cancer fighting compounds.
  2. It is a natural anti-inflammatory drug.
  3. It can cure stomach ulcers and other digestive problems.
  4. It counters bad breath and cavities.
  5. It increases lung power.

 There are so many different helpful effects of cardamom that I could go on for months reading them. Cardamom is best enjoyed as lightly crushed pods in your Chai/tea brew or lightly sprinkle in your curries and desserts.